About us:

We are a company specialized in the area of ​​electricity, electronics and metalworking aimed at the Naval, Port and commercial industry. We are committed to your needs; We know how important it is for you to maintain the proper functioning of your equipment and not to affect its operations, that is why we offer short-term solutions and alternatives so as not to affect its operational continuity, reducing maintenance and personnel costs, maintaining an excellent standard quality. We integrate your environmental and safety policies making you more reliable and efficient our work.
We execute periodic maintenance plans, adapted to the technical characteristics of your equipment and your maintenance program, offering continuous improvement, updating our human team knowledge and using tools of excellent technology and quality

We offer short term solutions, with great efficiency and responsibility

Electricity and electronic service

Eléctrical controls
Industrial instrumentation
Low voltage and medium voltage electricity
Repair of electronic cards
Repair and rewind AC and DC motors
Design of manufacturing of electrical control circuits

Mechanical maintenance service

Marine engines
Industrial mechanics
Portable lathe for works on site

Hydraulic services

Repair and maintenance of hydraulic pumps
Hydraulic motors
Design and repair of hydraulic systems

Welding service

Certified welding

Supply of equipment

Electrical spare parts and accessories
Mechanical spare parts and accessories
Deck and maneuver equipment
Accessories for interior

Supply of nautical charts

From different national and international areas

Guaranteed Service

All our work is carried out under the strictest quality standards, which allows us to offer a better guarantee.


We adapt our maintenance plans to your management system to offer you greater reliability or we offer you some of our plans adapted to the characteristics of your equipment.

We have the latest technology in maintenance control with reports and electronic notices for our customers.

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More than 10 years of experience in the sector

We have more than 10 years of experience in the sector offering the best service and quality in all our works.

We have the trust of our clients.

Some of our customers:

Nueva Andrea Carolina Manzana 27 Casa 29 Santa Marta Colombia

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Email: info@www.lmsuministros.com
Phone: +57 310 647 5249